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How Advanced Recycling Can Recover More Plastic for Recycling

Advanced recycling takes plastic waste beyond traditional, mechanical recycling methods to enable recycling of a wider variety of discarded plastic products. Learn about advanced recycling technologies, how they differ from traditional recycling, and more.

Learning about Microplastics: Frequently Asked Questions

Microplastics are small plastic particles that result from both commercial product development and the breakdown of larger plastics.

Dig Into the Chemistry Behind Gardening

During National Garden Month, learn how chemistry plays a role in cultivating those beautiful flowers, tasty vegetables and succulent herbs in your own backyard. Read on for examples of how the products of chemistry help our gardens thrive.

The Crucial Role of Disinfectant Use in Public Spaces

In the ongoing battle against infectious diseases, the use of disinfectants in public spaces has become an indispensable tool in helping to safeguarding the health and well-being of communities.

Video: A Day Without Antimicrobials

For most of us, it is hard to imagine not being able to safely take a sip of water, do laundry, or exercise without worry. Thankfully, as long as we have the help of antimicrobials, we can feel safe as these microbe fighters are working hard to combat harmful microorganisms and maintain a healthier, safer world.

Video: PFAS: Making Modern Life Possible

PFAS are a diverse universe of chemistries that are essential to modern life. They provide products with strength, durability, stability, and resilience.

Fireworks and Sparklers: The Chemistry of Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Colors

On the Fourth of July, fireworks illuminate the sky in dazzling displays of pyrotechnics. Fireworks are a marvel of chemistry, dating back to ancient China.

The Building Block Chemicals in Building and Construction

Building Safety Month is an international campaign that takes place in May to raise awareness about building safety. Learn how the products of chemistry are a critical element to making sure the buildings where we live, work, learn, and play are durable, safe, and sustainable.

Celebrating Earth Day and a Safer, Healthier Planet through Chemistry

The Earth Day 2023 theme is “invest in our planet,” and products and technologies made possible by chemistry help to do just that, enabling advances in agriculture, water treatment, energy efficiency and more.

Spring Cleaning? All You Need is a Little Elbow Grease and Good Chemistry

Whether your spring-cleaning checklist includes disinfecting kitchen surfaces or scrubbing the floor, you are probably using a cleaning product.

Chlorine Chemistry in the Home

Chlorine chemistry plays an important role in providing for functional, safe and comfortable homes.

Video: Chemistry in the Great Outdoors

From durable sneakers to waterproof jackets, chemistry plays a big role in all types of outdoor activities. Learn how outdoors and chemistry work together.

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